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PostSubject: 2.3.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Sat Jun 23, 2007 1:02 pm

OK guys: EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raxat has given me the chance to do a range of bodykits for the Shimutshibu Focer for the new, upcoming 2.3.1 patch for SLRR!!!!!!!!!!
To me, this is completely awesome!
I haven't been modeling all that long, and to get my mods released.... well, honestly, that's unbelievable!

To see the progress pics, click here.

I know, my first ever project is still not done, the SRK-Phantom is being put in-game by Oxej, but needless to say, that ALL running projects came to a complete stop, when I got the opportunity to do this!

You can also expect to see new spoilers and (maybe) mufflers in the new patch, but I will have to ask Raxat for permission to do that!

Keep this site under close watch, because I will post progress pics on a daily basis!


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