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 Transformers, the movie 2007

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PostSubject: Transformers, the movie 2007   Mon Jul 16, 2007 11:58 pm

Hey guys!

Kinda late, but last week I saw Transformers with my brother!!!!
Man, that movie rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thing is, this movie has a large appeal to guys like me, who saw the first cartoons when they were young.
So when I finally got to see the movie, I wasn't at all dissappointed!
To sum it up:

The people in the movie did a hell of a job with the acting, and so did the voicecast of the Transformers.
The characters were "real" enough to bond with easily, and the characters gave the whole movie more depth.
There was a lot of humour at exactly the right moments, and the overall acting skills were quite good!

The Transformers themselves were also convincing, and the transformations.... man! You can't get enough of the complex transformations in the movie!
Not only were they transforming "on command",like in the cartoons, but also during the free scenes, where it was essential to transform, for instance when they were attacking.
If you've seen the transformations once, you'll know what I mean!

The robots were very beautifully created as well! In my opinion, Optimus Prime was the best detailed one of them all...
Bumblebee had a "transformation" during the movie as well, something that hasn't been seen during ANY of the cartoons!
I could describe all the Transformers, but that would take too long, lol!

So far, everything's positive...

There's a lot of action in this movie, and the way that all the action was captured on camera, is top-notch!
Even the storyline's very good, it's not exactly true to the original cartoon, but it's close enough to satisfy even the old school die-hards like me, and, attracting the new wave of (future) Transformer fans as well.

OK, now for some not so positive things:
First of all, Optimus is the only Transformer that has the original voice, the rest's all new.
Weird thing: the voice of the new Megatron is done by the guy who plays Agent Smith in the Matrix, while the voice of Megatron in the new videogame is done by.... the guy who voiced Megatron in the original cartoon...........

The production team decided, that the original voice artist's voice did not match the new Megatron...
That brings us of course, to Starscream, one of my favourites!
His voice was done by Chris Latta (also Cobra Commander and Soundwave), but since he died in 1994, there was no way that Starscreem would have his original voice.
So, we have Transformers, but without their original voice....hmm....
And: Only the Autobots were recognisable (by name that is), the Decepticons were...eh....deceptive, lol!
In a figure disguised as a boombox, the first thought was that it would be Soundwave...NOT! It's the robot called Frenzy?!
The rest of the Decepticons were very dissappointing...
Scorponoc wasn't from Cybertron, but he was created during the headmaster/ targetmaster series, but for some reason, the production team thought it would be cool to have him in the movie... BAD THING!
Not only a bad choice, but also bad design; only being a scorpion?! He's supposed to be a base, for crying out loud!!!

Just to end my critisism: why in tarnation are all Transformers faces ugly as FOOK?!?!?! Only Optimus looked like Optimus, the rest's just.... ugly...
The bodies were really awesome, but the faces...
The inconsequences of size were better, meaning that they didn't transform from robot to vehicle and gotten 200 times smaller or bigger, so that was good to see.

One thing that I have to say:
In the original cartoons, all Transformers had bodies, in which you could recognise earthly vehicles, even though they were on Cybertron... In the movie it's a lot better, and convincing as well!

To sum the movie up:
eventhough it has flaws, nothing will stand in the way of this being the best movie of 2007!
The good/bad news is: it's the first part of a trilogy, so you can expect the 2nd part in 2009.

I also wanted to put trailers with my review, but since I want to have things done legally, I've emailed the Paramount production team, but STILL haven't gotten an answer..
So that's why my review is so late, and why I have no trailers to show you.
Even a link to the original site is off for me, because I don't know what they'll think of it, and having my website removed due to copyright infringements, is not an option for me!

GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Transformers, the movie 2007   Tue Jul 17, 2007 2:34 am

i hasent se it but its look its really great^^
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Transformers, the movie 2007
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